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I am driven by a passion to cultivate excellence in music and media production through collaborative teambuilding. My goal is to bring together creative artists and technical experts to develop innovative projects encompassing songwriting, studio recordings, live performance, and multimedia. I want to build teams that blend artistry and technology to push boundaries and create memorable experiences. I thrive on motivating and mentoring diverse talent to reach their full potential. My hope is to leave every collaboration having nurtured talent, made lifelong connections, and produced work that inspires. If I can successfully merge arts and technology while cultivating community, then I will consider myself successful in bringing my vision to life.


"Excellence is a process of becoming better than we once were" Dr. Harold M. Best


We love to partner with artists in live and studio production through their songwriting, arranging, engineering, mixing, and mastering. We incorporate our local and regional studio musicians and technicians, with our many affiliated recording facilities on the West Coast and Nashville. From songs, to TV, to commercials, jingles, to movie scores, we'll get you there.


We have worked in the recording industry, faith and worship communities, local and regional live entertainment helping people better understand their craft, their team, their gear, their calling, their skillset and ultimately their presentation


With all the music, tech and production skills we've mastered through training, trial & error, and through personal experience, we are also passionate musicians, singers, artists who desire to express ourselves with those gifts and talents. We have a great database of talent that might just suit your needs for production, live events & performances, special events and custom projects. 


We meet with your team and identify activities that can be celebrated, improved, updated, streamlined and duplicated by expanding the team and strengthening their skills.

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